slide-1Serving the needs of non-profits and social enterprises has always been a special goal for Gallinger Law. We seek to assist and guide social entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, boards and volunteers through legal difficulties so they can achieve social change and humanitarian goals. Todd Gallinger, founder of the firm, has over a decade of experience  working with non-profit organizations in multiple roles, as outside counsel, executive staff, and board member.

Gallinger Law can assist new social ventures with incorporation and non-profit applications, including the important step of determining entity type and non-profit classification. We have worked with charitable, religious, educational (501c3), advocacy (501c4), and political organizations (527) and can assist new groups in choosing the best legal path to properly and quickly start changing the world.

Our extensive experience in assisting non-profits also allows Gallinger Law to assist existing groups looking to expand or dealing with crises. In addition to legal services like employee contract review, compliance audit, endowment structuring, and bylaw revisions, we can provide management consulting, executive and board training, meeting facilitation, and dispute mediation services.

If you require an advocate or advisor in bringing social change, Contact Gallinger Law for a free consultation.