Lawyers have always had a difficult relation with society at large, as documented in the works of Shakespeare or the hearings of the Roman Senate. The gulf of understanding between the legal profession and our clients, however, seems to be growing. This is due to business practices in many law firms which seek to enrich partners by padding billable hours and also the delay of many attorneys in accepting new technologies and business practices.

Gallinger Law was founded to intentionally address this gap, by providing clear guidance which adds values to clients. We strive to understand our clients business and personal goals, and our diverse real world experience allows us to chart the best path to meet those goals.

Todd Gallinger, our founder, had a vision of a small relationship-based law practice after attending a training for new associates on billing practices. At this “white shoe” law firm new lawyers were taught when not to do work (when travelling for example) just so that bills could be increased. Not satisfied with this approach, Gallinger Law offers flat fee and alternative billing options for clients, in addition to free consultations.

Years of complex business litigation, including national security and other complex cases, taught Todd that litigation only rarely achieved clients goals. At best litigation is a necessary evil, and the majority of work performed during a lawsuit serve more the needs of the legal industry than the parties. For this reason Gallinger Law focuses on transaction work which add value to clients in the areas of Business Law, Immigration, Wills and Trusts.