conference tableGallinger Law was specifically designed to provide business clients with value adding transactional services. We serve not only businesses, but also investors, non-profits, trusts and other organizations. Our diverse real world experience guides our advice and service, helping clients achieve the real world results they desire.

If you are starting or restructuring a business, Gallinger Law can assist in selection of entity type and filing of all initial paperwork. We have years of experience assisting clients form and manage “C” Corporations, “S” Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Partnerships, and other business types. Based on your vision and goals for your business, we can incorporate your business in the appropriate jurisdiction, including California, Delaware, Nevada, or off-shore.

Practical knowledge of business operations, which our attorneys have, is necessary to structure an effective agreement – be it an employment contract, independent contractor agreement, lease, partnership agreement or other type of business contract. Our attorneys also have the litigation experience necessary to know how a court will interpret a contract in the case of litigation, which we use to draft agreement placing our clients in the best position in the case of a dispute.